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90-second spiel: What I do


"Is he a consultant? Or a designer?" - I'm both!

"Is he a consultant, or a designer?"

Both! I pair my strategic marketing experience with my design and execution capabilities to create effective marketing campaigns for small businesses and startups. Which makes the real question: where do you need help?

  • Go long, and I'll get you in the endzoneMarketing Strategy

    I have a decade of advertising and marketing strategy experience, having worked on brands such as Royal Caribbean, Subway, Fidelity Investments and San Diego Hospice.

    Together, we can come up with a plan that'll get you in the endzone  (so start practicing that victory dance). Read the case studies »

  • Wordpress websites, email production, Facebook page customization, Twitter integration and moreInteractive design & development

    I specialize in a range of online disciplines, including Wordpress website development, email design, and Facebook/Twitter/YouTube profile customization. See the work »

  • Brand & identity design

    Your logo symbolizes everything your company stands for, so I work to understand exactly what makes it tick, and use that insight to create a unique and meaningful identity that you can truly call your own.

    See some examples »

What my clients say

“I would recommend Jason a hundred times over…He’s connecting the dots between marketing needs, user behavior, technology trends and visual aesthetics. Hire Jason. Work with Jason. Hang out with Jason. Just don’t get him started talking about Street Fighter.” — Ed Flynn, Dir. Creative Technologies, MMB